Del Mar Food Truck Fest


Food truck mania has hit San Diego. Rolling to the racetrack for one glorious day only, the Del Mar Food Truck Fest showcased over 40 of SoCal’s best mobile kitchens, marking their first-ever time at the fairgrounds/ racetrack and the largest truck gathering San Diego has ever seen. It was a sunny, hot day and people couldn’t be readier for some tasty grills. Some trucks had lines of over 30 minute wait time, but it was well worth it.

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Sex Doll Race


‘A sex doll as a means of transportation!’ That was a slogan of the annual race on inflatable sex dolls that took place next to Saint-Petersburg on August 6. Over 800 people were willing to see how the dolls can swim.

Now, let’s give this wet & sexy party a soundtrack:

Ulisses Nunes- He He Yes (Oscar L Remix)

-Pablo Stanley