Chicks with guns


It’s always cool to see hot girls with guns, even when it’s a ‘serious work of cultural iconography.’

In Chicks with Guns, Lindsay McCrum has created a visual essay of women gun owners in America through photographs of their love affair with their firearms. The images capture both the personality of the subject and the weapons of choice.

I think Sarah Palin has some competition going on.

Here’s a shiny, bitter sweet version of Rory Erickson’s punk song “Starry Eyes” by Veronica Falls. “What can I say or do for you my little starry eyes? Starry Eyes forever shall be mine.”

Veronica Falls - Starry Eyes

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fbFaces is a project by Joern Roeder and Jonathan Pirnay that deals with the issue of data accessibility on the Internet. The project is a facebook crawler, built using JavaScript & PHP, that starts at the public profile of any fb-user, saving profile image, facebook-ID and name, and afterwards continuing its way to the public profiles of the user’s friends and so on. 100.000 of these profile images were used (via Processing) to print a wallpaper for an entire room.
– Karla

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