Stuff for Lovelife

Here are some ideas for Lovelife promotion:

Kiss Cut Stickers (or Multi-Sticker Sheets)

A kiss cut sticker is when they cut through the silkscreen vinyl, but not the paper backing. This way, individual stickers can be peeled off from the heavyweight sticker backing. I could design many characters for Lovelife and we could design some ‘slogans’ or ‘phrases’.


Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets / Multi-Sticker Sheets




Let’s give something to the smokers that go to the patio. Matchboxes are something you don’t see too often:


We should all wear t-shirts but also badges to makes us look bad-ass

Ballon Drop

In the climax of the main act, we could do a balloon drop. We could make our own or buy a kit here:


Mailchipm app

There’s an app  for the iPad from mailchimp to get people’s email address and subscribe them directly to an assigned list:

Twitter feed

We could display in real time tweets from people with the hashtag #lovelife. You can see an example here:
This will create an interactive environment. People will comment if they’re having a good time, if the liked the song, recommend a drink, tell someone is looking hot… etc.



QR Code

We should have a QR Code everywhere that people could use to sign up to our newsletter, like our page and RSVP for the next event.