Remember being 14, saving your allowance and asking your mom to drive you to Rite Aid to buy the latest issue of Tiger Beat? Well, I do. I was the ultimate late-90s-boyband-adoring teenage girl once, as I’m sure most of you were at some point (maybe not obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, but you get it). My favorite articles, aside from the ones where Nick Carter talked about his favorite color, were the ones where girls would submit pictures of their bedrooms/shrines. I was so inspired by the collection of posters on my fellow teenie boppers’ walls, I wanted to be able to express my (fourteen year old version of) love for these boys and their music just like they did. Unfortunately, I had a stubborn mother who was incredibly concerned about the nature of the lilac paint that adorned my bedroom walls and would under no circumstances let me tape the life size poster of my boyfriend next to my bed. Ugh! It was SOO unfair!

Almost ten years later, I came across this stellar site called TEENAGE BEDROOM and it’s 1999 all over again. Teenage Bedroom is just what this blogosphere needed, a Tumblr blog with reader submitted pictures of their bedrooms when they were teenagers. Anything from an Olsen twins shrine to a Pete Doherty obsession, it is a collection of nostalgic memories of a time when the only explanation to what was going on inside of you was taped to your bedroom wall.

Here are some of my favorites:


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