Versace x H&M

As you well may be aware of, Versace will be the designer to follow up H&M’s widely successful collaboration with Lanvin.

When news first broke we were told the collection would draw inspiration from Versace archives since ’78. Images of most pieces hit the internet a few days ago and proved this statement accurate. The iconic black dress with gold buttons, the colorful patterns, the Grecian geometric patterns…its all there.

The men’s and women’s collection will include apparel, accessories, jewelry, and home goods and will launch November 17, 2011 in 300 stores as well as online. Here are a few picks:
Leather Jacket $299 and Silk Top $69.96

Jacket $69.95 and Silk Bustier $129LITTLE PARTY DRESSES
Silk Dress $149 Sequin Dress $129 Silk Dress with Fringe $199MORE LITTLE PARTY DRESSES
Silk Set $199 Silk Dress with Gold Trimmings $199 Sequin Dress $129SEXY LBDS WITH GOLD TRIMMINGS
Silk Dress $149 Leather Dress $299 Silk Dress $149BOTTOMS
Leggings $29.95 Red Print Pants $69.95 Silk Skirt $69.95 Black Silk Skirt with Gold Trimmings $69.95

Bracelet $29.95 Necklace $39.95 Leather Shoes $129 Silk Scarves $29.95HANDBAGS

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